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There's a hack for every nook Spring is here, which means you have no excuses: It's officially time to clean your entire house (say. Cleaning Tips That Make a Difference. Clearly, somewhere along the way, I missed out on some I've compiled a list of household cleaning tips and tricks from around the web that I really found useful!

household cleaning tips

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  1. Make ready 1 of motivation to clean... :).

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  1. alternative to oxyclean. this is great to help remove set in stains.. The mixture is: 1 tsp. Dawn dishwashing detergent + 3-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide + couple tablespoons of baking soda. mix all together. Scrub on stain or area u need to clean with a scrubbing brush..
  2. CLEANING YOUR OVEN: preheat the oven to 140°F. While the oven is heating, fill a very large pot of water and bring it to a rolling boil. Once the oven has reached the correct temperature, turn oven off... place 1 cup of ammonia into a heat safe bowl or baking dish and place it on the top rack of the oven. Place the pot of boiling water on the bottom rack, close the oven door, and leave them both in the oven overnight. The next morning, open the oven and remove both the bowl of ammonia and the pot of water, do not discard ammonia ? you?ll use it later. Remove the racks and leave the oven door open to air out for 15 minutes. Add 1-2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid to the ammonia, along with 4 cups of warm water, and using a heavy-duty nylon scrubbing pad dipped in the ammonia mixture, begin to wipe away the softened grease and grime along the sides and bottom of the oven. It should be a fairly easy job at this point. Wear some kitchen gloves, since ammonia can damage skin. (though the.
  3. STINKY MATTRESS: does ur mattress smell like sweaty balls? or just stink in general? I have a solution.. start off buy cleaning ur mattress with an upholstery cleaner once a year. but to keep your mattress smelling fresh all year round your gonna need baking soda and fabric refresher. start off by cleaning all sheets and pillowcases weekly. but monthly ur gonna do the following... sprinkle bare mattress with 1/4 of a box of baking soda.. now rub it all in really well.. make sure u get the whole mattress..once its all rubbed in spritz some fabric refesher all over the mattress until slightly damp. (this best done in the morning so its all dry by bedtime) while still wet put in your fitted sheet. and make bed as normal. but spritz some fabric refresher on ur pillows before u put pillow cases on. now ur bed will smell fresh every time u climb in!.
  4. FLEAS IN UR FURNITURE: get rid of fleas in ur furniture and matresses by sprinkling table salt all over your furniture and mattressess. after sprinkling salt all over furniture cover with plastic or clean cloth. leave it on for 24 hours. vaccuum off and repeat a second and 3rd time using clean cloths to cover every time. ur furniture will now be flea free...
  5. ALL NATURAL FLEA REPELLANT AND FABRIC REFRESHER: your gonna need 1 grapefruit, 2 lemons and limes. cut each fruit into several chunks. place chunks in a medium-small sized pot half filled with water. bring to a boil then lower heat to simmer for 30 minutes adding water as needed. when cooled strain liquid with a sieve. pour scented liquid into a spray bottle. spray furniture, curtains, carpets let dry (fabric refresheer) to use on pets spritz pet and urself before going on walks in woods or tall grass. for added protection add a few drops of lavender oil to the simmering water..
  6. FOR A SPARKLING CLEAN BATHTUB: gets rid of soap scum, most stains and most rust. u need gloves, 1 gallon bottle plain vinegar, 1 large roll paper towels, 1 rag, 1 spray bottle, 1 magic eraser..put on gloves, pour vinegar in spray bottle. pull of 2-3 sheets of paper towel and hold against wall of tub with one hand. spray towel well with vinegar until towel is sitting up on its own. continue dowsing paper towels with vinegar and plastering them to the shower and tub until the whole thing is covered. let sit for 20 minutes. remove all paper towels. and working in sections, sprits with vinegar, wipe with a wet rag. most filth with just fall off.. rinse. using a magic eraser get the stubborn stains by wetting it with a bit of vinegar and rub the spots. rinse everything well. ur tub should sparkle! :).
  7. tub pics:.
  8. CAT LITTERBOXES: to keep litter boxes smelling clean and fresh.. cat urine does not have a smell it only begins to smells once bacteria has started to grow. for best results scoop litterboxes once daily, and if u have multiple cats the general rule is one litterbox per cat... ok for this u need, bleach, a scrub brush and baking soda. WEEKLY: change all litter with fresh litter. toss out the nasty. before refilling take catbox outside and hose off well.. use bleach and scrub the plastic litterboxes. Again using the hose rinse well making sure you don't splash bleach. this helps with any urine absorbtion into the plastic. DAILY: scoop litterboxes and sprinkle with baking soda. this helps eliminate odors. now u and your cat will enjoy a nice smelling litterbox! :).
  9. KEEPING HOUSE SMELLING FRESH: to keep BATHROOM smelling fresh, spray air freshener like glade onto your shower curtain on the outside/ bathroom side not tub side just a short distance away so the spray covers the curtain. get whole curtain or most.. and every time you shower the heat and steam will release the smell. keeping bathroom smelling fresh. :) FOR GARBAGE CANS: start with a clean empty can.. place 3 paper towels in bottom of can to cover the bottom. spray a strong smelling airfreshener all over inside of can and on paper towel. place a bag in the can. spray the inside of the bag with same spray. now everytime u throw something out it will release the smell.. and everytime u take out the bag it will release the smell. the paper towel catches any possible leaks in the bag. respray can/change paper towels as needed. and spray every fresh bag u put in. :).
  10. to make your house smell fantastic without burning candles... place 2 capfulls of imitation vanilla extract(don't wanna waste the good stuff) in an oven safe bowl/dish and bake on low heat. this will make ur house smell of vanilla! like u have been baking all day! :).
  11. WET DOG SMELL: Dry your dog as soon as possible. The wet dog smell that people complain about is mainly caused by bacteria that feed on a dog's natural skin oil. Like so man y other types of bacteria,theythrive in a warm, moist environment. The best way to control the problem is to give your dog regular baths and to keep your dog dry as much as possible between baths. (Keep in mind that bathing your dog too frequently will remove too much skin oil, leading to health problems. About once a month is enough unless your dog got into something nasty or just looks filthy) Ask your vet for advice, according to the climate, long/short hair etc. The reason why your dog smells so good after the groomer is the don't let the dog air dry.. they a comercial cage dryer that dries the dog quickly so the smell isn't there. Now once your dog comes in from the rain dry him well! And u can sprinkle on a small amount of baby powder onto your dogs back and sides and rub into the fur but not down to the skin..

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